Grant Cutler                                     


There is harmony to be found in the mind’s struggle to organize thought and memory. A moment of simultaneous creation and dissipation exists; one thought fading into the next without a clear beginning or end. In remembering, each memory is altered, and rewritten in a process where distortion becomes the standard. A mercurial moment when growth becomes decay must exist, yet we cannot witness it directly, as once we’ve taken hold, it has slipped from our grasp, fading into the background, leaving a void which is immediately filled. Despite this moment's enigmatic existence we can witness its resonant presence in every remembrance and every tangential thought by tracing its reverberations as they rumble through our entropic subconscious.

With Palace (2016) the conditions for this moment of simultaneous creation and destruction have been demonstrated both visually and sonically. The colors fuse and separate, the abstract shapes swell and diminish, the continuous movements whirl ethereal and fluid. The sound is unplaceable, with rhythm, harmony, and melody all present but without a recognizable foundation. All the elements seem to breathe slowly and move at the rate of a resting heart beat.

This action of gazing after the unseeable, attempting measurement of the undefinable is an exercise in meditation. Palace is an immersive audio-visual mantra.

Watch an excerpt.