Grant Cutler                                     

All Filler

All Filler (2016) is a generative quadraphonic audio installation. To create the source audio four vocal artists were recorded performing to a graphical score. The score instructs the performer to focus on, and emphasize, a variety of ‘in-between’ moments of speech that are often erased, edited out, or hidden in the production of mainstream voiced-audio content (podcast, audio-books, auto-tuned singing). This (typically neglected) audio is then given its moment ‘on stage’ using four audio-monitors in a square configuration, creating an immersive sound-field. Six different sonic environments (or worlds) were created to accompany the voiced audio, each with their own environmental nuances and interactions. Participants experiencing the installation are invited to immerse themselves in these sonic environments which joyfully uplift what is typically left on the cutting room floor.

Listen here.